Compatible Addons

Here we will provide a list of known working addons for use on Eternal WoW. These are addons used by many of the closed beta testers.


Ackis Recipe List - Provides a searchable window for farming different recipes.

Gatherer - Adds minimap and map icons to nodes you've gathered to mark them.

Profession Capper - Shows the best recipes to craft at your current level to skill up.


Atlas - Gives comprehensive maps for all instances.

AtlasLoot - Provides loot tables for all instances, also integrates with Atlas.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - Provides vital information for boss fights and general timers.

HealBot - Provides working raid frames for the NPCBots, as well as being a very useful healer addon.

Recount - DPS meter addon.

GTFO - Plays sounds to help you avoid harmful AoE spots.


Auctionator - Auction house UI overhaul that allows scanning the AH and storing pricing data which it shows on item tooltips.

SimpleCalc - Provides /calc command to easily calculate equations from your chat (e.g. /calc 2+2).


QuestHelper - Works best with TomTom. Provides guiding arrows and map information to help you complete quests.

General UI:

ElvUI - Complete UI overhaul that's entirely customizable.

Doom Cooldown Pulse - Flashes the spells icon in the center of your screen when it comes off cooldown.

IceHUD - Shows new stylzied health and power bars in the center of your screen.

TomTom - Provides coordinates and waypoint arrows.

Rare Spawn Overlay - Provides a map overlay of rare spawns and their routes.

Silver Dragon - Detects rares and notifies you about the ones around you.

Overachiever - Provides helpful tooltips to help you meet achievement critera. This is to help you complete all the achievements.

GearScore Lite - Provides a tooltip on gear to show it's gearscore, and displays on your character's equipment window.


Just download the zip, and extract the contents to your Interface/AddOns folder in your client. You can access your client directory by going to the launcher settings and clicking "Open Client Directory". Enjoy!