NPCBot Control

NPCBots are a vital part of Eternal WoW, because they allow you to emulate entire parties and/or raids. It can take a while to get used to controlling them, and there are many useful commands and macros to make that make it easier. In this guide we will go over the basic commands available to you as a player, as well as the most common macros used among our closed beta testers.

NPCBots are hireable pet-like minions (with some exceptions). You don't have full control over them, but you can tune their behavior in various ways. Bots will follow you around, buff you, defend you, and help you in general. Their main purpose is to support players during their leveling although they can do dungeons and raids.

NPCBot Feature List:

Fighting (via spells, melee, ranged combat)
Resurrecting (will need to be grouped)
Acting as a guard (when the bot has no owner)
Dungeon Finder
Providing you with consumables (mage, warlock)
Receiving buffs and consumables from you
Equipping gear
Storing gear sets
Assigning roles
Abilities management

For gearing it works just like gearing a player. If you bots are undergeared, they will also underperform. You can gear plenty of gear for them from drops in the dungeons you do, quest rewards, and sometimes even the auction house. There are many commands and macros to help fine-tune their control.

Bots also have an unlimited storage gear bank in Manage Equipment Bot Gear Bank.

Just speak to your bot to edit any of the options, it's all handled via gossip menus.

Each list below will show the main command a sublist of it's subcommands. Parameters marked with a "?" are optional.

NPCBots Commands:


.npcbot distance [attack?] [new_dist] - Sets the follow/attack distance of bots. Just exclude the word attack to set follow distance.
.npcbot hide - Hides all of your bots.
.npcbot show/unhide - Shows all of your bots.
.npcbot recall [teleport?] - Recalls all of your bots to you, if not-in-combat and teleport is specified then it forces them to teleport to you.
.npcbot sendto [name?] - Sends bot to next location specified by a DEST spell (e.g. Rain of Fire/Distract), either affects targeted or named bot.
.npcbot vehicle eject - Removes bots from vehicle, either affects the bot you have targeted or all active bots.
.npcbot suicide - Makes targeted bot drop dead, if you select yourself it affects all active bots.
.npcbot gs [class_name?] - List gearscore of selected bot, or all bots by class_name if specified.
.npcbot info - Shows a count of bots selected player (self or group member) currently owns by class.

.npcbot order cast

.npcbot order cast [name/class] [spell] [target?] - Makes bot cast specified spell on the specified target. Spell names must be underscored (e.g. avenging_wrath) and acceptable target identifiers include bot, self, me, master, mypet, myvehicle, target, mytarget. Target is only required if the spell requires a target. Name or class may be specified.

.npcbot command

.npcbot command follow - Sets the bots command state to follow, either affects the bot you have targeted or all active bots.
.npcbot command nocast - Toggles the bots ability to cast any spells.
.npcbot command nolongcast -Toggles the bots ability to cast any spells with a non-zero casttime.
.npcbot command nogossip - Turns off the targeted bots gossip menu.
.npcbot command rebind - Rebinds an unbound bot to you.
.npcbot command standstill - Forces bots to stand still, either affects the bot you have targeted or all active bots.
.npcbot command stopfully - Forces bots to stand still and not do anything, either affects the bot you have targeted or all active bots.
.npcbot command unbind [name?] - Unbinds selected or named bot from you, sending them to their spawn location until you rebind them.
.npcbot command walk - Forces targeted bot to walk.

.npcbot useonbot

.npcbot useonbot item [item_name] - Allows you use an item of yours on selected bot.
.npcbot useonbot spell [spell_name] - Allows you use use one of your spells (e.g. Revive) on selected bot.

.npcbot vehicle

.npcbot vehicle eject - Removes your bots from selected vehicle, or, all bots from any vehicles if no vehicle selected.

Useful Macros:

Stopfully Macro:
.npcbot command stopfully
You can target a bot specifically, or none to target all active bots.

Recall/Follow Macro:
.npcbot recall teleport
.npcbot command follow
You can target a bot specifically, or none to target all active bots.

Send To Macro:
.npcbot sendto
/cast [destspell]
The dest spell can be anything where you target the ground, e.g. Distract. Wherever you target is where the targetted bot will be sent to. Bot must be targeted.

Hide Macro:
.npcbot hide
Hides all of your bots.

Show Macro:
.npcbot show
Show all of your bots.

Bot Roles:

Enables the use of tank abilities (prefers Skull target).
Acompanying roles: DPS, Heals (if it's a class that can be an off-healer)


Enables the use of tank abilities (prefers X target).
Acompanying roles: Tank, DPS, Heal (if it's a class that can be an off-healer)

Enables the use of DPS abilities. Tanks need this role as well so they can use these abilities to help hold threat.
Acompanying roles: Ranged (if bot is a ranged dps class)

Enables the use of healing abilities.
Acompanying roles: Ranged

Makes the bot keep a ranged distance from the fight. For healers, and any ranged dps.
This is a supplemental role. 

Bot Formation:

Follow Distance
Sets the distance that the bots keep from you. Increasing it is also like increasing their leash so they will fight enemies from further away.

Attack Distance
Sets the distance the bot keeps from an enemy target while attacking it.

Attack Angle
An option some bots have allowing them to better avoid aoe damage spots.

Engage Behavior
Sets a configurable delay for either healing or attacking.