Thanks for you interest in our server, we are transitioning into an open beta model. We've been in development for the past year with closed beta testers. This is WotLK with increased rates, a portal master, reforging, xmog, and racial trait swapping features. We include all updated models (creatures and players alike) as well as armor and world water textures, we bring WotLK into 2023! We also make custom content expanding upon the wrath lore, including custom maps, mounts, and weapons using new models, and some models from other games! Eternal WoW also has a played time reward system that rewards you the longer you play. You can solo just about anything with Solocraft, and Solo LFG. Still want some friends to join your journey? Feel free to hire npcs to fight alongside you. Each player can hire up to 24 npcs, they can be found out in the world, or from Lagretta in Dalaran tower.

Unfortunately, we are still in the process of transitioning at this time, and registeration is disabled. Pleaes check back another time.